Simplified Cybersecurity Services

Our modular, simplified cybersecurity services are your force-multiplier.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity is a dominant challenge facing businesses today. In addition to surviving in today’s competitive environment, they have to defend against cyber-attacks by very motivated attackers who are skilled at compromising sensitive information. There are numerous challenges encountered when trying to address the cybersecurity threat. The complexity of the business environment, visibility into business processes, time, and resources are factors that make attempts to implementing effective cybersecurity a challenge.

Is your business prepared?

To answer this question, we start with a unified review of your cybersecurity policies, procedures, and posture.

Do your cybersecurity policies address the key issues facing modern companies?

How appropriate are your network defences?

Can your employees identify the latest social engineering attacks?

How adequate are your detection and response capabilities?

Is your existing IT capability adequately prepared to respond to attacks?

Can your IT team remediate vulnerabilities efficiently?

Engage us to get answers to these questions and fast-track your maturity with our simplified cybersecurity services.


Strategy and Management Systems Development

Cybersecurity and information security are just other facets of your business. If you consider aspects such as customer service, service delivery and managing projects, financial management, your organisation has a system or process so that everyone knows their responsibilities and are accountable. Every employee knows what they need to do, how to do it and when they need to do it.

Cybersecurity is no different. You need a set of systems and processes called a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) sometimes known as an Information Security Management System (ISMS).
More importantly, you require a cybersecurity strategy that is well crafted to align with the business strategy.

Our simplified cybersecurity services are based on recognised frameworks to manage cyber risk. The NIST Cyber Security Framework which is our speciality is globally recognized. Larger organizations that have a mature cybersecurity regime would find it advantageous to align with the ISO 27001 standard.

Engage us to deliver your cybersecurity strategy.

simplified cybersecurity services

Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments and Pentesting

Independent risk assessments are due-diligence that is expected from responsible companies and should be executed on a schedule to manage cyber risk. Cyber attacks are increasing exponentially, it is critically important to undertake regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and test the efficiency of cyber controls.

How do your systems perform under a real-world attack? When sensitive information, financial assets, and reputation are on the line, is it not a good idea to take action now? Engage us through our cybersecurity services to check how exposed you are.

Cybersecurity Training

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Whether you need general security awareness training for your entire organization or specialized training for your IT or cybersecurity staff, Board and Executives contact us. With over 50 combined years of hands-on cybersecurity experience in both the public and private sectors, we know how to execute.

The training we offer ranges from basic best practices and policies that should be a part of every organization’s required annual training to developing custom exploits and more. We can deliver customized training to meet the needs of your organization. Contact us to learn how cybersecurity training can give you a competitive advantage.

Cybersecurity Retainer

Partner with experienced cybersecurity professionals to boost your capability. Upon execution of a retainer, we become on-call team members at your disposal. Do you need cybersecurity staff on-call but can’t afford to hire a team of professionals full-time?

As cybersecurity services have gained importance, capable cybersecurity resources have become harder to find. Higher salaries and a lack of experienced candidates have made a cybersecurity team increasingly not viable for many organizations. What if there was a better way? Our retainer service allows you to lock in professional cybersecurity services at fixed rates with the option of 24/7 on-call resource and guaranteed response times.

Depending on your specific business needs, the retainer can also be executed with a Service Level Agreement to specify response times or other specific requirements as needed.

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The "5 Tips for understanding the NIST CSF" is invaluable information for securing your organization against cybercriminals.