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Is Cybersecurity Important To Your Organization?

Considerations For Choosing Cybersecurity Consultants

Cybersecurity Skills

  • Penetration testing as well as assessing vulnerabilities in software that an organization uses.
  • Perimeter and Endpoint Security, including breach detection and preventative measures.
  • Knowledge of advanced persistent threat management, including phishing, as well as social engineering and network access control.
  • Encryption techniques and capabilities. Understanding how the organization can effectivelu use encryption to counter threats.
  • Programming languages like the SHELL, Python and Perl for security tasks.
  • Knowledge of operating systems, applications and databases. Windows, Linux, UNIX and mobile platforns are in continous development with new vulnerabilities every day.
  • Principles of ethical hacking and coding practices. Working knowledge of open source security tools, threat modelling and configuration.
  • Managing cybersecurity – Developing policies and implementing frameworks like the NIST CSF, SANS CSC and ISO 27001



From degrees to professional industry recognised certifications like CISSPCRISC, CISA, CISM, CEH



Years of multidisciplinary experience ranging from technical to managerial aspects of cybersecurity.

Management Skills

Leadership, conflict-resolution, communication, negotiation


A Cybersecurity Quiz Improves Awareness

Real-time Cyber Attack Maps

Have any doubt about the reality of cyberattacks?

Check out these real time maps from leading security vendors.

Our Approach To Securing Your Organization


Complexity is not an ally of security or performance. Good security is a business enabler that enhances performance.

Align With Standards

Focused strongly on global best practice and the work of other successful organisations.

Leverage Existing Technology

There is a myriad of security solutions available ... getting the basics right with what you already have is as important.

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The "5 Tips for understanding the NIST CSF" is invaluable information for securing your organization against cybercriminals.